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rain 22 °C

Hello all!

We are now in Hue (which confusingly seems to be pronounced Way). It was very briefly the capital of Vietnam and as such has a forbidden palace (a little a long the Chinese style) and some rather impressive tombs. The tomb of the 4th king was used as a palace during his reign and included his own zoo, hall for dancing girls and a lake to chill out in. He also had 102 wives!! That's not including his concubines!

Personally I think the original settlers of central Vietnam had the right idea - society ruled by women. A woman could have as many husbands as she wanted provided she could pay a dowery of 1 water buffalo (2000 pounds), the husbands had to cook, clean, look after her, manage her estate etc. Have told Dan that he is worth a water buffalo!! ; )

Speaking of water buffalo - we rode one yesterday!! It was pretty cool, although it could really slap with its tail. We had a sweet Vietnamese guy on the buffalo with us, who didn't speak much English but sat there singing "buffalo, buffalo, buffalo" over and over again - it was pretty funny. One of the girls freaked slightly when she was riding him and he stopped to open his bowels in the middle of the rice field.

Next stop is Halong Bay, another over night train and bus - we will be travelling for about 17 hours this time! Ipods are charged and book is at the ready.


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Hoi An

rain 22 °C

Hi all,

We have managed a couple of night trains now - very exciting and we are even learning how to sleep on them! It's a little odd because you feel a bit like your sleeping with your head lower than your feet some of the time, but it changes every time the train banks one way or the other. However I like the travelling at night so have more days to spend in cities.

We caved badly on the food front and went to a resturant that does Italian - pizza goodness! Oh it was so good to have Western food.

I don't know if you guys back home have heard weather warning for Vietnam - the Ozzies/NZs have said their families have heard them. There is supposed to be a lot of rain coming. The hotel we left yesterday was just on the point of flooding when we left and it was a couple of steps up from the road - very exciting. I thought the bus was going to drive through the front door in the effort to get to us!!
Anyway it is raining quite a lot - a little bit like being at home but the temperature is much more comfortable! : )

Hope you are all well!

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Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon

overcast 30 °C

Hi all,

How are you??

Well whoever said Vietnam would be colder has so far lied to us! It was mid 30's crossing the boarder the other day and we all had to carry our bags and wait in the sun while we had our visas checked - phew hot! We have actually seen some rain here though - not much as it is coming to the end of rainy season but it was actually strangly nice to see!

We have spent a night in Chau Doc, then travelled onto Ho Chi Minh City, and we are leaving that in the next few hours. We have had a dabble at barginning in the local markets - quite an experience, and been to see the cu chi tunnels which were seriously small and freaked me out!
Dan played with a big gun. He shot an AK47 on their range and scared the living daylights out of me!
We had a wander around their museum to the Vietnam/American war as well - interesting as it isn't something Dan or I knew much about.

And onto another new experience very soon - night train out of ho chi minh city - wish us luck!


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sunny 32 °C

Hi all,

Well weather is lovely... food is lovely... and neither of us have been ill yet!!: )

We have seen quite a bit of Cambodia now and found out quite a bit about it as well -very interesting place with quite a scary recent history.
However now we are just chilling on a rather beautiful beech in the sunshine - don't seem to be able to upload photos on this computer so we can't make you too jealous - but it is beautiful blue sky and weirdly warm sea which hasn't really cooled us down!

We should be going snorkeling tomorrow and then its off to Vietnam where we are assured it will be a little cooler!

Hope you are all well


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Siem Reap

sunny 36 °C

Hi all,

Hows it going?
We crossed the boarder into Cambodia no problem and had a traditional meal in a local village in someones back garden. We both tried frog! Tasty but crunchy...

Then spent a very hectic day around Siem Reap. We saw Angkok Wat and a couple of other temples including Ta Phrom (pronounced Brom) AKA tomb raider temple. We saw sunrise over Angkok Wat and sunset over the floating village (literally a floating village) on a lake.

Oh and we have also tried snake now as well - it was really nice! Looked like crispy duck tasted like chorizo without the fatty bits.

Now about to travel onto Phnom Penh... 6 hours on a public bus - whoop! Fingers crossed for good air con.


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