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Desaru Beach

sunny 35 °C

Hi all,
Hows it going back home??

We have hit the beach! yay.
So from the Cameron Highlands we travelled to Kuala Lumpur (KL) on a luxury bus, which was basically like being business class on a plane! All the long distances buses are luxurious over here - it's ace! In KL we managed to get our heads around the transport system because it is just to hot to walk. We saw some museums, the aquarium, the Patronus towers (day and night are spectacular) and went up the towers to the skybridge and up to the 86th floor (highest point tourists can go). They are the worlds largest twin towers, although only about half the height of the big tower in Dubai.

From there we travelled by luxury bus to Johor Baru, and then got a taxi to Desaru beach as we would have had to wait about 4 hours for a bus and we didn't have a hotel booked! So arrived and found the beach has a few nice resorts but the town is a few miles away and as we arrived on a saturday it wasn't easy getting a room. We ended up having 1 night in a rather crummy hotel which couldn't even give us dinner (although not sure we wanted it having seen the state of the kitchen) we then walked (next day) up the road to a posh resort and are now treating ourselves to 2 nights in the poshest place I have ever been (for about 50 pounds a night!!). We have a suite which is about the size of our house. There are 2 swimming pools, the beach and a water park (which is a little kiddified), as well as a whole load of optional activities. There is live music every evening and somehow I ended up singing on the mic to about 100 people last night!! There is also a bus to take you around the site because it is that big! The excitment of this is not wearing off.

Well it will be a little sad to leave here tomorrow, but we are off for a few days in Singapore before heading to Australia on the 14th.

Sam and Dan

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Cameron Highlands

semi-overcast 20 °C

Hi all,

We have done some major travelling around Malaysia so far - don't think we have been off a vehicle for more than a few hours recently!
We stopped at Gua Musang on the jungle train - which sounds more exciting than it was. Gua Musang was smaller than expected (despite the guide book info) and it didn't seem to be a particularly touisty area. So we paid a random man (think he was a taxi!!) to bring us to the Cameron Highlands.

Anyway finally stopped in the Cameron Highlands - which are beautiful! We hired a motorbike today and did our own mini tour of the local area including a trip to Ye Olde Smokehouse, which is a mock tudor hotel and tea rooms and so incredibly British! It includes a very British bar, and the garden includes a lot of plants and flowers that we get back home, as we are quite high here the temperature is much cooler. There are strawberries everywhere as well! We haven't taste tested any... yet.

Tomorrow we are going off on a trekking tour to take in some more of the sights, then we should be heading back to Kuala Lumpur on the 6th Dec.

Sam and Dan

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Hi all,

We are back in Bangkok and have finished the more organised leg of the tour. Said goodbye to lots of new friends this morning which was actually quite sad! Have been travelling with a nice bunch of people so far.

We went to Wat Pro yesterday and saw the largest reclining Budda in the world and he was big! Huge, about 40m in length and 15m in height, with really big feet! The wat was also huge, we kept thinking we had seen most of it and then found another complex all part of the same temple.

We are leaving Bangkok today and have booked a flight to get from here to Malaysia, we are starting at North Malaysia and working our way down hopefully seeing some cool caves and really big flowers on the way (flower is supposed to be 4 people sized)

Sam and Dan

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Chiang Mai

overcast 24 °C

Hi all!

We have headed back into Thailand, we sort of skipped blogging in Laos due to time constraints and lack of internet so sorry we haven't blogged for a bit!
Laos was nice, warm, a fair bit of rain but some sunshine too. Lovely country - so beautiful and with an interesting history. We went to COPE a charity which supports victims of bombs explosions, treat amputees and neurological conditions - so I got very interested. Lots of physio and OT - couldn't get my hands dirty though.

We crossed the boarder back to Thailand yesterday and spent today playng with elephants and tigers. We have riden an elephant, and stroked a real live tiger!! With teeth and everything!

Sadly we are coming towardsthe end of our tour, the time seems to be flying past. We head back to Bangkok tomorrow (after playing on zip wires in the jungle) and then we are on our way to Malaysia!

Will update soon!

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overcast 22 °C

Hi all!

We have made a brief stop at Halong Bay, sailed around some big limestone rocks, wandered through a huge cave (very pretty) and cannoed through gaps in the rocks into the middle of some of the limstone formations. It was all very pretty.

From there we travelled back to Hanoi (the city in the bend of the river). We also very excitingly had sandwiches!! On real bread!! (got very excited by this - first time anyone has seen real bread in nearly 3 weeks!)
Yesteday we went to the water puppet show which seems to be an important part of Vietnamese culture, and is a puppet show performed on the water with the puppetiers standing in the water behind a screen.

Today we are going to see Ho Chi Minhs' place of rest.

Miss you all, and of course, missing sandwiches too : )


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