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semi-overcast 9 °C

So we didn't get around to updating the blog at the end, so I will just add a quick update.

NZ was fantastic all through. We got up to the north end of south island and managed to get in some wine tasting which was fantastic, I could get rather used to drinking that much wine and pretending I know what the posh ladies are talking about! Though just to destroy all myths - my favourite wine by a NZ company cost about 20 NZ dollars (about £10) so it doesn't always cost a fortune!
We took the boat over to North island (bumpy ride) and travelled up through the middle of north island seeing bits areas of steam rising from the ground and hot water bubbling up through it and spent a tough afternoon in a natural mineral hot pool (lovely but the whole area did smell eggy).

We made it to Aukland for Dan's birthday and went up the big revolving tower and generally wandered about in Aukland, saw big parks and bridges etc.

Then flew to Hawaii!! It was lovely an hot, the hotel was only 2 blocks from the beach and we spent plenty of time chilling as well as climbing a volcano, seeing Pearl Habour and touring the island. Hawaii was lovely but it is very odd being on the beach and still be less than 2meters from a skyscraper! They were lovely islands but I felt they have been ruined by the number of buildings and skysrcapers. We were also even more glad to come home to normal food after eating American food for 8 days! I never want to see a burger again!!!

Anyway we made it home yesterday (a shame all that snow has gone really) and we are very happy to be home although sad that the adventure is over. It is amazing how quickly we feel like we are settling back into normal at home and I am sure we will be able to see you all and catch up properly very soon. Oh and it is seriously cold here!

Sam + Dan

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New Zealand

Somewhere near a glacier

overcast 14 °C

Hi all!

We had a lovely new year, I liked being warm while watching the fireworks - they got that bit right down here! Hope everyone else had a lovely new year and happy new year to all!

So did some exploring of Sydney, saw the opera house and that bridge thing, it was all very cool. We did the tourist thing walking around with maps and camera everywhere : )

Now we are in New Zealand, managed to make it here before the fires broke out thankfully - sounds hotter than you want over there now. NZ is absolutely beautiful, for anyone who hasn't been here I think it may have to be the most beautiful place I have been. The countryside is just incredible, I guess it is a bit like Scotland but much bigger mountains! All the lakes and rivers here are ice melt so it is cold swimming but clear water - lovely.
We have done some wondering around South Island so far, been to Milford Sound, Queenstown, Christchurch and are now at the Fox glacier. We saw the Franz Joseph glacier today and are going walking on the fox tomorrow so very cool, I am finally glad we packed jumpers!

We have been enjoying some of the adrenalin activities here - I bungy jumped at Queenstown (awesome although I have never been so scared) and Dan did some major downhill mountain biking which made him very smiley.

So enjoying NZ very much and looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
Sam and Dan

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semi-overcast 25 °C


Well I hope you have all had a very lovely Christmas. We felt very at home as there were thunder storms here on Christmas day, but we met some lovely people and managed some Christmas drinks in the dry.
Apart from a couple of days of horrible weather it has been lovely. We are currently at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, inland of Sydney. When we arrived the fog was so thick you couldn't see from one mountain to the next but the last couple of days have been beautiful. Dan has walked me until I can walk no more!! We have seen some lovely waterfalls, and leant over the edge of some big cliffs.
The senery up here is incredible! Dan and I are also constantly amazed by the wildlife up here - it is so much more colourful than back home. There are parrots and cockatoos flying everywhere, and all sorts of lizards.

We are heading onto Sydney today for a few days of exploring the big city, with hopefully a rather spectacular new years eve : )

Hope you are all well, and happy new year to all
Sam and Dan

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Cairns to Brisbane

sunny 35 °C


We have made it to Australia! Very exciting. We have swam/snorkelled part of the great barrier reef, we also did a learning dive thingy at the reef (very cool). Have seen some nemo's, and saw a turtle but only from the boat : ( We have also been white water rafting and seen some of the most beautiful beaches. To those of you who haven't been here - it really is as beautiful as it looks in the pictures. I have never seen sea and sand so clear (just to make you all jealous).

Happy Christams to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely christmas and new year. I cannot believe itsnearly christmas, it's just too hot here! All the local kids seem to be on summer holiday now which is really confusing.

We are off to see Fraser island tomorrow (as recommended) which we are very excited about and then should hopefully be off to Brisbane afterwards.

Our little campervan is doing well, although we have racked up about 2000km in 5 days so we have spent quite a bit of time on the road. Our little island seems so small compared to this country, we think notts to cornwall is a fair drive and we have done twice that in a day.

Sam and Dan

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storm 30 °C


We are in a very wet city, warm, but very wet! It has rained with thunder and lightning everyday so far, well I guess they don't call this a rainforest for nothing!! Singapore is an amazing city - so clean! The public loo's are lovely! Seriously I want a bathroom at home as nice as some of them here!
There is a lot to see in this city, and we have mastered the underground to see it all! We went to Sentosa today by cable car (it's a island full of attractions, and Asia's most southerly point). We arrive at Sentosa then took a zip wire to the beach while a trunk took our bags down and spent the morning on the beach! What a way to travel... The beach was nice and the sea a gorgeous colour but beyond the breakwater it was rather industrial with some huge ships and a dock yard. Unfortunately our afternoon was rather rained off...
Yesterday we went to the zoo which was nice, the animals are a lot more free than most zoo's being kept in by moats rather than fences which felt nicer and some of the monkeys just have the run of the park. After a day at the zoo, and a short walk we went to the 'night safari'. After dark, everyday there is a tram ride around a separate park (effectively another zoo) and you can jump off and wander around parts. It was actually quite eerie wandering around in the dark jungle, as we couldn't really hear anyone else... We saw quite a few bats, some large cats on the prowl (not too close), rhino's and generally night creatures doing their thing. It was really good, and if anyone is coming to Singapore well worth it!

So off to Australia tomorrow, after one last trip here to the science museum. We should land in Cairns on 15th, dinner time, another big time change for the body clock. Don't know how often we will be able to blog from Oz but will do our best to update you - keep messaging us it's lovely to hear from you all!!

Sam + Dan

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